How can I dispute a charge on my transaction list?


Have you tried to contact the merchant directly to resolve the issue? If the merchant does not resolve your issue, you should notify us if you believe there has been an Unauthorized Transaction, unauthorized access to your account, or the occurrence of an Other Error.

For Unauthorized Transactions or Other Errors in your Account, notify us as follows:

  1. Use this form to file an error report in the Obsidian Help Center; or
  2. Write to Obsidian, Attn: Error Resolution, P.O. Box 4044, Durango, CO 81302; or
  3. Telephone Obsidian Customer Service at 1-855-929-0799.

When you notify us, provide us with all of the following information:

  1. Your name and email address registered to your Account
  2. A description of any suspected Unauthorized Transaction or Other Error and an explanation as to why you believe it is incorrect or why you need more information to identify the transaction
  3. The dollar amount of any suspected Unauthorized Transaction or Other Error.
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